MLF999C1 Ambulance Stretcher( patented products)

Release time:2019/7/12 17:04:31

PRODUCTMLF999C1  Multifunctional complete Automatic Stretcher
Patent No:Zl 2008 2 0041901.5
Exclusive designs, patented products
Model MLF999-C1 multifunctional automatic stretcher with varied positions, used for first  aid, is a unique design.  It can easily adjust to various positions for emergency treatment under any complicated situations, especially compatible with ambulance environment.
The stretcher can be adjusted to 6 levels and fold back and forth according to practical needs.

When bent forward, the back of the stretcher is supported by fixed pneumatic springs with strapless controlling up to 60 degrees angle. Equipped with front and back fixation support design, the stretcher can be locked in place into the ambulance at a desired position.


Technical Parameter:
Product size       1970x540x900max(mm)   1970x540x320min(mm)
Net weight        39kg
Gross weight      48kg
Loading bearing   ≤159kg
Dimension of the packing box  1990x580x330(mm)

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