Tenda Machinery’patent infringed by Rixin medical

Release time:2019/7/12 17:03:53

Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Intermediate People's Court March 31, 2009 accepted the case that Jiangsu Rixin medical equipment Co., Ltd. violations Zhangjiagang Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. design patent, on December 15, 2009, 16 public hearing of the case , Now the trial that Rixin's Ambulance Stretcher YDC-3HWF violated Tenda company’s " Multifunctional Automatic Stretcher " design patent is ended, the final verdict is《(2009)苏中知民初字第0050号》:Rixin company immediately stop the behavior that production and sales design patent products of the plaintiff Tenda. And compensate the plaintiff 50,000 RMB. 
 Multifunctional Automatic Stretcher " design patent belongs to Tengda, Tengda reserves the right to pursue infringers.

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